KCR urges Modi to clean up political system

Hyderabad, Nov 28 Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clean the political system in toto by introducing state funding of elections.

Backing the Prime Minister’s initiatives to check corruption and black money, he said the government should completely kill the vulgar expenditure in elections.

Stating that his Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is ready to go for cashless funding, he suggested that Modi should clean the whole political system.

KCR called for changing the very mood of the campaign and mooted the idea of e-campaign.

He appealed to Modi to make the country 100 percent free from black money and Acorruption. “If you (Modi) dismantle black money in all its forms, ensure that nobody in this country asks for bribes and nobody pays bribes, then only you can succeed and bring a total revolution. If you do this the government of Telangana and its people will stand by you,” he said.

At one time KCR evaded a direct reply on whether he supported demonetisation or opposed it. “There is no point in discussing the past. Today is 18th day after it has come for implementation. The debate should be regarding the future,” he said.

However, replying to another query, the Chief Minister termed demonetization as a welcome move. “This is definitely a scheme of things. It depends on the way you want to understand it,” he remarked.

Asked if the new note of Rs 2,000 will not encourage hoarding of black money, KCR said the Union government may scrap this high value note too. “It may help in identifying those who have stashed black money. This could be a strategy,” he said.

KCR said people would decide if demonetisation was not going to pay back to the country. “People will teach a lesson. Remember what happened to Mrs Indira Gandhi after emergency.”

On the allegations by Congress that he entered into a secret deal with Modi, the Chief Minister hit back saying it was Congress which created black money, encouraged it and destroyed the country.

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