Telangana’s Haritha Haram to set world record

Hyderabad, December 29: Haritha Haram programme of Telangana government to improve green cover in the state to 33 percent will set world record by becoming the biggest initiative of its kind.

The programme, under which 230 crore seedlings will be planted, will surpass the programmes taken up in China and Brazil in the past, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao told the state assembly today.

He said that about 120 crore seedlings are being planted in villages, along roads in towns, open areas, along banks of lakes, canal, and fields, in the premises of government, private organizations, colonies, and in every house. “Plans and implementation is in progress to rejuvenate by way of planting 100 crores saplings in the forest area to replace the trees that were lost due to inappropriate care,” he said.

KCR said the previous governments in united Andhra Pradesh neglected forests and allowed deforestation. Forestland in Telangana is spread over 26, 903 square kilometers and at one point of time, there was 25 per cent of thick forest and 50 per cent of moderate forest cover. The rest 25 per cent used to be a land with shrubs and bushes. But now, only 1.06 percent of thick forest cover and about 28.95 percent of moderate forest cover is available as part of the forest land. The rest has become a barren land. 

He pointed out that during last 35 years, 35 crores of seedlings were planted in Telangana but during last two-and-half years, 47.98 crores of seedlings were planted.

He said the TRS government allocated Rs 1,243 Crores for Haritha Haram since the whereas the previous government were spending on average Rs 14 crores a year on on plantation. 

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