SV University employee prepares death DP before suicide

Tirupati, February 15:  In a tragic incident, a 32 year old employee of the Sri Venkateswara (SV) University hanged himself to death after preparing his display picture (DP)on Whatsup with a noose around his neck.

The man even wrote date of birth and date of death on the noose. He also booked flight tickets for his paternal uncle and brother so that they could rush to Tirupati from Hyderabad to attend his funeral.

Nellipudi Srihari sent WhatsApp messages to several of his friends, “Please come to my house urgently. This is my last request”, minutes before hanging self.

Srihari, who was working as senior assistant in the vice-chancellor’s chambers in SV University, restored to the extreme early Tuesday morning allegedly upset over his wife not returning from her parents’ place. 

Vidyalatha reportedly moved to her parents’ place in Nellore district six months ago, after a fight between them over not having children even six years after marriage.

After the receiving the messages, Srihari’s friends rushed rushed to his quarter on the campus. They woke up his mother who was sleeping in the ground floor room. They all went up to his room, only to find him hanging from the ceiling.

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