Is Pawan planning grand alliance against BJP-TDP?

Hyderabad, February 16: By not ruling out an alliance with the Aam Admi Party (AAP), popular actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has hinted at the possibility of a grand alliance against TDP-BJP alliance in 2019 elections.

He has already made his intentions clear that he is not averse to joining hands with any like-minded party.

“I personally feel, like-minded people should come together,” he said during an interview at Harvard University.

The actor’s comments during his visit to the United States are politically significant and may hint at a new political realignment in Telugu states, especially in Andhra Pradesh.

By raising people’s issues, the actor-politician is gearing up for a more active political role and he has already announced that he will contest the next elections.

Pawan has even stated that he is ready to keep his film career and family aside to plunge into more active politics.

He is also trying to build bridges with his eldest brother megastar Chiranjeevi. The two will act together in a film planned by T. Subbarami Reddy.

Pawan, who campaigned actively for BJP and TDP in 2014 elections and even shared dais with Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu, feels betrayed by them.

The Jana Sena founder also voiced his disappointment with Modi when he remarked that he had campaigned for the BJP leader because he saw him as someone who could inspire people.

The star is unhappy with BJP not just over denial of special category status to Andhra Pradesh but over a host of issues. He has been targeting the party through tweets on issues ranging from beef ban and patriotism to suicide of Rohith Vemula and demonetization.

This is also not the first time that Pawan spoke about the possibility of joining hands with other parties. Last month, he had said that he is ready to work with any party on special category status.

This was seen as an indication of a possible tie-up with YSR Congress Party and the Left parties, who share his views on the issue.

As someone who had bitterly criticised Congress party for dividing the state, Pawan is not likely to have any friendship but he may join hands with YSRCP and the communist parties.

With AAP expanding beyond Delhi and tipped to win Punjab elections and do well in Goa, Pawan is keeping the options open for a tie-up with AAP, which is now likely to set its eyes on the South.

Interestingly, Pawan is not only keeping the options of Jana Sena contesting in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana open but of late raising the larger issue of the South.

In recent weeks, Pawan spoke about the bias against southern states by the Centre and even by the national media.

Political observers say he is trying to bring in new sentiment in the South. In August last year, former Karnataka chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy drove down to Pawan’s residence in Hyderabad and was closeted with him for about two hours. Since then, Pawan has been talking of the self-respect of the South.

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