Hyderabad police seize outdated Turkish currency, arrest seven

Hyderabad, February 19: Hyderabad police arrested seven persons and seized outdated Turkish currency.

 The Commissioner’s Task force North Zone team arrested seven accused who were  cheating the innocent by exchanging outdated Turkish currency with Indian currency, making the innocent people to believe it as genuine Turkish currency which is currently in vogue.  

 Police seized 180 notes of outdated Turkish Lirasi currency of 1000000 each value and 163 notes of outdated Turkey Lirasi of 500000 each value and nine cell phones from their possession.  The worth of the seized out dated currency worth  is about 26.15 crore face value of Turkish currency if in vogue. 

 The accused include three from Andhra Pradesh and one each from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

 P.David Raju, a mason and native  Prakasam district residing in Sainikpuri, was organizing  the fraud. He along with T.Murugesh, a real estate businessman and native of Bangalore and Malla Chary, a goldsmith of  Nagar Kurnool district had procured outdated Turkish currency notes. 

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