KCR, family robbing Telangana wealth: Uttam Kumar Reddy

Hyderabad, February 25: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president Capt. N. Uttam Kumar Reddy has accused Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his family of robbing the wealth of Telangana through dubious means.

Addressing a press conference here today, he condemned the remarks made by the Chief Minister against Congress leaders while addressing a public meeting in Mahabubabad on Friday.

The TPCC chief said that KCR has stooped down to the lowest level in targeting the opposition parties and its leaders to justify his wrong actions. He strongly objected to the language and tone used by the Chief Minister against Congress leaders.

He said that donation of gold ornaments worth more than Rs. 6 crore to various temples from the Common Good Fund was totally illegal and the Congress party has rightly condemned the decision.

He asked whether it was appropriate for the Chief Minister to donate crores of rupees from the public exchequer while keeping the Fee Reimbursement dues pending.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that except for luring legislators of opposition parties with money and posts, KCR did nothing during his 30 month rule.

He said nearly Rs. 60,000 crore of loans were procured in the name of irrigation projects. TRS Government’s prime activity so far remained focussed on taking loans and seeking commissions from contractors.

He alleged that the KCR family has been robbing Telangana of its wealth since it came to power in 2014. He said not a single unit of power was generated by the TRS Government and all the projects which are now being commissioned were started during Congress regime.

The TPCC chief said while the youth were facing the problem of unemployment, lakhs of students were facing uncertainity due to non-clearance of Fee Reimbursement dues. Further, there seems to be no end to the spree of suicide by farmers across the Telangana State. Under these circumstances, KCR is wasting public money in the name of offerings to fulfill his vows, he said.

Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged that the State Government was taking away lands of poor farmers in the name of different projects. Instead of implementing Land Acquisition Act, 2013, the government was paying meagre amounts towards compensation while completely ignoring the rehabilitation and resettlement of affected farmers and other sections. The Chief Minister should have addressed these issues on priority before trying to please Gods, he said.

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