Venkaiah Naidu praises ‘Ghazi’

Hyderabad, February 26: Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Venkaiah Naidu today watched Rana Daggubati starrer Telugu move ‘Ghazi’ and was all praise for the movie for promoting patriotism.

A special screening of the movie, based on 1971 Indo-Pak war, was arranged for the minister at Prasad Labs.

“It’s very motivating inspiring and very educative for Indian youth about patriotism. commitment to nation’s security. It’s a very serious movie but at the same time it is very interesting because it has depicted the history of 1971 Indo-Pak war wherein our soldiers have shown their might and defeated Pakistan,” Venkaiah Naidu said after watching the movie.

The central minister said that ‘Ghazi’ gives an idea how things happened before war. “You have story of INS Vikrant and younger generation should know about history and they should all feel proud about braveness shown by great soldiers. This is the message of the picture, a powerful message. There is heroism displayed by our soldiers and all actors acted beautifully,” he added.

“Sometimes it is very difficult to keep interest if movie is serious but this movie inspite of being serious historical depiction with little bit of fiction here and there but at the same time very interesting I hope all Indian youth will see this picture and remember what has happened in 1971,” he said

Naidu said there was a need for more such pictures as there are forces of separatism and divisive tendencies which are trying to create internal disturbances particular the neighbor is aiding, abetting, training and funding terrorism.

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