Telangana to ensure technology benefits to people

Hyderabad, March 8: Telangana government is working with the objective to ensure that the benefits of technology reach to every person.

This was stated by Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Departments of Industries & Commerce and IT&C.

He was addressing Telangana Tech Summit focusing on ‘Moving towards Smart and Intelligent’ here today.

“In order to ensure digital transformation of Telangana it is important to – ensure digital literacy; technology to help small businesses; real time scientific advisory to the farmers; and must make difference to the lives of the people,” he said.

The objective of the summit organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was to understand how technology is transforming Telangana’s development and to discuss various challenges and opportunities in technological transformation present in various sectors.

Lt Gen Subrata Saha, Deputy Chief of Army Staff (Planning and System), Indian Army, encouraged the industry for technology and procurement tie-ups, especially from the MSME sector. “The Army requirements are very huge and hence have an immense scope for sustained business model. We need Indian solutions to fight Indian wars and this is possible with the current ecosystem of technological developments,” he said.

Lt Gen Saha briefed the participants on various policy matters pertaining to Indian Army and mentioned that they have created levels of engagements with the Industry in such a way that the support system is enhanced to a level where the risk factor for the industrial investments is almost zero.

Ramesh Datla, Chairman, CII Southern Region and Chairman, Elico Ltd., opined that linking technology only to IT is a misconception. Technologies leading to value additions in manufacturing sector is a critical link. “Lot of hardware infrastructure is required to meet the Govt. objectives of IT penetration. One important challenge is to address the skill requirements at the midlevel. Hence it is important to have an Industry, Institute and Government partnership to ensure a holistic solution to the issue,” he said.

V Rajanna, Vice Chairman, CII Telangana and Vice President & Head, TCS, stated that skilling India is critical for the next wave of business growth. “Technology is pioneer in leveraging technology to create a positive impact in the society. The institutional developments like T-Hub, T Works, T Idea, VLSI Design Academy, TASK, and Industrial Health Clinics, besides others put Telangana in the world map,” he said.

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