Court strikes down hereditary employment in Singreni

Hyderabad, March 16: In a significant ruling, the Hyderabad High Court today struck down the recent notification issued by the management of the public sector Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) for hereditary employment on compassionate grounds in the company.

The Court gave its ruling on a petition filed by a resident of Gadavari Khani where the mines of the company are located.

The petitioner contended that the company’s decision to provide hereditary employment would deprive hundreds of jobless youth of employment in the company.

The SCCL had issued a circular in December last year to fill 30,000 vacancies with dependents of existing employees by making compassionate appointments.

The petitioner contended that it was violative of the Fundamental Right of Equality and Equal Opportunities guaranteed under Article 14 and 16 and also violative of Right to Life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.

A division bench comprising Justices V. Ramasubramanian and J. Uma Devi did not agree with the Advocate General’s contention that the decision would not affect the employment opportunity of aspirants as only 5,000 people had applied under the hereditary employment scheme.

The court observed that if an employee is medical unfit to continue his job, his family member can be provided employment but there is no scope for ‘wholesale offer’ for hereditary employment on compassionate grounds.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has decided to challenge the high court judgment in the Supreme Court.

KCR, who brought back the system of providing jobs on compassionate grounds in Singareni, reviewed the high court order with officials. He directed that services of a team of senior lawyers be availed to take up the case in Supreme Court.

He said the TRS government will do everything possible to ensure justice to Singareni employees.

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