Seven ‘Rurban’ clusters to be developed in Telangana

Hyderabad, March 23: The Centre has sanctioned seven ‘Rurban’ clusters for Telangana to develop some rural areas on par with urban centre.

Panchayat Raj Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao informed the state assembly that the the Centre sanctioned these clusters during 2015-16 and 2016-2017,

He told the House during question hour that four clusters– three non-tribal and one
tribal were sanctioned during 2015-16 under phase one. Under phase two, 3 clusters–one non-tribal and
two tribal were sanctioned during 2016-17.

In the first phase, an Integrated Cluster Action Plan (ICAP) amounting to Rs 662.31 crore was approved by the Rural Development, Government of India. For the phase two, the ICAPs have been sent to Union Government for approval, he said.

The works to be taken up under the scheme included skill development training linked to economic activities, agro-processing, agri-services storage and Warehousing, fully equipped mobile health unit, sanitation etc.

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