Mahabubnagar to be developed on par with East Godavari

Hyderabad, March 29: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has assured that the old Mahbubnagar district will be developed on par with the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, with the completion of pending irrigation projects.

He said that a comprehensive water policy is being implemented to make Palamur district, which was neglected and discriminated against under the united AP rule, into a very fertile land.

The CM made it clear that by completing the pending projects as well as new projects like Palamur Lift Irrigation Scheme, 18 lakh acres will get irrigation facility.irrigated water. The, he assured.

He said this when Congress party leaders from old Mahbubnagar district called on him here today. They included MP Nandi Yellaiah, MLAs DK Aruna, Chinna Reddy, Sampath Kumar, Vamshichand Reddy and MLC Damodar Reddy.

The CM gave a power point presentation on the water resources and designs of various irrigation projects of Palamur district.

“There is availability of 3,000 TMC of water in Godavari River. In Krishna, we have 1200 TMC. In both the rivers there is more than 4000 TMC of water is available. If we are able to utilise these waters properly both the states can give water to every acre. There is no reason why we should have any disputes? I told the same thing to AP CM Chandrababu Naidu,” he said.

“In Telangana State, we are implementing a comprehensive irrigation policy to utilise the water from Godavari and Krishna rivers. We have re-designed the projects for this purpose. Telangana State gets more benefit from the Godavari River. For Palamur district, we have to bring in water cent percent from the Krishna River. This is the reason why we have redesigned the Palamur Lift Irrigation Scheme. Though AP government put some queries we have explained them in the Apex Committee meeting. We have effectively over ruled the objections. We will complete Palamur Lift Irrigation Scheme. We will complete Dindi project also. Through Palamur, Rangareddy district will also get water,” KCR explained.

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