Andhra seeks Norway’s cooperation in sea-based activities

Amaravati, March 31: Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg, Ambassador of Norway to India, today called on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, in his chambers at the Assembly building here.

Naidu sought cooperation from Norway in ocean-based activities.

Naidu said that the potential of sea based economy was not adequately appreciated and that he hopes that with Norway’s cooperation, Andhra Pradesh would be able to bring about a sea change in this sphere.

Nils told Naidu that Norway is strong in all kinds of technology connected with sea and deep sea. Excavation of oil and gas is another strong area.

He pointed out that Norway stands 2nd in technology which is connected to deep sea activities.

Nils also briefed Naidu about Norway’s advanced shipbuilding industry, ocean based activities and hi-tech solutions for port management.

Norway is the second biggest exporter of sea food.
Naidu said that Andhra Pradesh and Norway have commonalities in areas of technology, coastline, presence of mineral and water resources besides deep draft ports.

The Chief Minister also briefed the Ambassador about his vision for Andhra Pradesh. He said that he is keen on achieving a growth rate of 15% so as to make Andhra Pradesh the best state in the country.

The ambassador was impressed with Andhra Pradesh’s vision and appreciated the Chief Minister for his explicit plans and execution to achieve that vision.

Earlier, Nils Ragnar and his team were apprised about the Smart Village Smart Ward Programme, which focuses on improving resource-use efficiency, empowered local self-governance, access to assured basic amenities and responsible individual and community behaviour to build a vibrant and happy state.

“It’s a very interesting programme. It helps in achieving sustainable and inclusive development of all sections of the society. We are looking for possible opportunities for collaboration with this programme,” he said.

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