Telangana irrigated 19 lakh acres

Hyderabad, March 31: Telangana government has irrigated 19 lakh acres, something which was never achieved in the past, said irrigation minister Harish Rao.

He reveiwed the progress of works under Mission Kakatiya, water availability in various projects and works through video conference with district collectors and irrigation department officials today.

He asked officals to ensure wholehearted participation in the third phase of Mission Kaktiya like the second phase.

Harish Rao claimed that the soil dug out from water bodies during Mission Kaktiya works and used in the fields increased the fertility to such an extent that five years of productivity was achieved in Kharif.

Harish Rao asked officials to complete the works of the second phase on a war footing.

He said Komarambheem project will be completed this year to provide irrigation facility to 45,000 acres.

The minister said the department has set the target of completing SRSP second phase by Kharif. Once this phase is completed, water will be available for 80,000 acres in Suryapet district

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