Telangana to be made hub for meat export

Hyderabad, April 10: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao today said the state will be made a hub for meat export.

He reviewed implementation of development and welfare programmes in the state during a meeting with district collectors.

He said the district collectors are given total powers to implement various innovative schemes launched by the government for strengthening the rural economy and uplifting the living standards of all sections.

KCR elicited the views, suggestions and opinion of the collectors on the innovative sheep-breeding scheme. He declared that sheep breeding will become a permanent feature for Telangana government and what is initiated now is only sowing seeds for a greater tomorrow.

Initially, the sheep breeding may create wealth of Rs 20,000 crore in next two years, but ultimately it will touch the sky, he said.

CM said heep breeding should become an industry and the state should become a great meat exporting state. “We have already issued guidelines for sheep breeding. There about 30 lakh Yadav and Kuruma families in the state. It is big human resource. This is our expertise.”

Sheep population is about 44 lakh in the State according to SKS Survey. Another 84 lakh sheep will be purchased from outside the State. 21 Sheep will form a Unit. Expenditure on each Unit is about Rs 1.25 Lakh. Of this 75 per cent (Rs 93,750) is subsidy from the Government and the rest 25 per cent (Rs 31,250) to be borne by the individual beneficiary. 4.5 Lakh beneficiaries to be identified.

On double bedroom houses, the CM said that in each Assembly Constituency 1400 houses would be constructed. He asked collectors to identify the beneficiaries with help of MRO/RDO in a transparent manner.

The CM said there about 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh single women in the state and directed collector to identify them for the pension scheme.

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