TRS government betrayed Osmania University, says BJP

Hyderabad, April 21: BJP has alleged that TRS government has betrayed Osmania University, which is celebrating its centenary this month, and demanded an apology.

BJP’s spokesman Krishna Saagar Rao said Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao betrayed the university and its students over last three years.

He said that Osmania University is a historic university, established in 1918 and it had a glorious past and equally glorious track record till 2014. However, after TRS came to power this university has been reduced to a trivial and deprived entity.

“With utter lack of disregard for higher education & independent functioning of universities, KCR government has kept Osmania head-less without a Vice Chancellor for 2 long years. With lack of able administration, management & funds Osmania University has lost its highly valuable NAAC accreditation since 2014,” he said.

“Students living on campus in OU are going through a nightmare. They are bereft of basic human needs since TRS government came to power. OU campus today is an example of mismanagement, adhocism & utter neglect by TRS government. 2 Resident students have no access to functional toilets, bathing & drinking water, good food & even power supply. Some students even feel, if CM KCR is targeting them & their Osmania University for raising voice against his misgovernance at few occasions in the past,” Rao said.

The BJP leader said while his party would want the centennial celebrations to go uninterrupted, it demanded an apology from CM KCR for his government’s continued mismanagement of higher education and infrastructure in general and Osmania University in particular.

“We demand his apology to Osmania University students before he visits the campus on the 26th April for the centennial celebrations. BJP also finds it amusing that CM KCR has invited 4 members of the 7 th Nizam Osman Ali Khan’s family as key guest apart from the President of India & Union Minister of HRD. CM KCR continues his Muslim vote bank politics even on a university campus, during historic celebrations,” he added.

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