Telangana to encourage rooftop solar programme

 Hyderabad, April 25: The government of Telangana will ensure ease of doing business for implementation of rooftop solar and encourage solar parks through which a decentralized method of providing electricity can be adopted, said Ajay Mishra, Special Chief Secretary, Department of Energy.

 “We could successfully install a rooftop solar of 900 KWs at the Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad, which is the biggest installation for government buildings”, he said.

 He was speaking at a workshop ‘Powering your rooftops: accelerating India’s Rooftop Solar Programme’ organised here on Tuesday by Confederation of Indian Industry, in partnership with Hero Future Energies.

Mishra urged the industry to take a lead in disseminating information on rooftop solar which will benefit all the stakeholders. “The government is soon come up with an information campaign on rooftop solar and the industry should take the lead in this. Information linkage drive should be started in collaboration with CII and Industry”, he said.

Talking about Net Metering, the Special Chief Secretary opined that it helps in reducing the electricity bills of the customers and not necessarily a revenue generating activity for the government. “Net metering should be a bill saving activity than business making activity”, he said.

Sunil Jain, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Hero Future Energies Pvt Ltd, in his address opined that rooftop solar is now cheaper, to Rs5 from Rs8 and will attain grid parity in near future.

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