Manchester area evacuated after suspicious car found

London, June 2  An area to the south of Manchester was evacuated on Friday after police found a car they suspected was linked to a terror attack that killed 22 persons in the city last week.

Police said they believed the car was a significant piece of evidence in the investigation into the May 22 attack when Salman Abedi walked into the foyer of Manchester Arena and detonated an improvised explosive device as fans left an Ariana Grande concert, reports Efe. Dozens were also injured.

“We are very interested in anything people can tell us about the movements of this car, and who was in it over the past months,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson.

“We are also interested in any information about who may have had access to the car or who may have gone to and from it.”

The car, a white Nissan Micra, was found in an area of the Rusholme neighbourhood, which authorities cordoned off and evacuated.

Officers had been tracking the assailant’s movements in the days before the attack as they researched how he had been able to make the bomb.

As part of the investigation, authorities are also asking the public to help track down a blue suitcase Abedi was seen with in the days leading up to the attack.

According to police, 11 people remain under arrest in relation to the attack, which forced the Conservative government of Theresa May to raise the terror threat alert to its highest level for a few days.

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