Kodandaram’s party may pose a challenge to KCR

Hyderabad, Nov 12: Telangana is set to see birth of a new political party as Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Chairman Prof. M. Kodandaram has said that the decision on converting the TJAC into a political party would be taken soon.

This is the first time that Kodandaram has responded to the demand from his supporters for transformation of TJAC into the full-fledged political party.

While TJAC leaders and activists had long been demanding that the organisation be turned into a political party but Kodandaram had been evading a response.

His announcement on Saturday that the proposal is being considered seriously and a final decision would be taken soon, has triggered speculations in political circles.

The new outfit is likely to add another dimension to 2019 elections. It remains to be seen if Kodandaram reaches out to other opposition parties to form a united front against ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

Political observers say Kodandaram may join hands with Congress, Telugu Desam Party (TDP), the Left parties and even Jana Sena of Pawan Kalyan to put up a united fight against TRS. If this materialises, the elections will see a triangular contest with BJP being another contender for power.

He has good rapport with Congress, TDP and other parties as they had supported him in his various programmes organised to oppose TRS policies. However, it is too early to say if Kodandaram will succeed in bringing these parties on a common platform.

In recent Singareni union elections, he had campaigned for the union affiliated to Communist Party of India (CPI) and supported by Congress and TDP.

Analysts say Kodandaram may try to rally around opposition parties against the ‘anti-people’ policies of the government.

He is planning a huge rally of jobless youth on November 30 and has claimed that the permission for the meeting was taken from the High Court.

He claims that despite formation of Telangana State many sections of the society were deprived of justice. “We will continue our agitation untill all the sections sections get justice,” he said.

Kodandaram strongly condemned TRS government for not allowing any kind of protests or agitations. He alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao was working against the spirit of democracy by suppressing all kinds of protest against him.
The police on many occasions foiled the rallies of TJAC in different parts of the state and arrested Kodandaram and other leaders.

KCR last month launched a bitter attack on Kodandaram, who was his ally in the movement for separate Telangana State.

Following victory of TRS affiliated union in Singareni elections, KCR described him as a ‘small fellow’.

KCR said that Kodandaram overestimates himself. “He feels that TJAC survived because of him but fails to realise that there are thousands of people moulded by me in the process of achieving separate statehood,” the TRS chief said.

“It was me who set up the TJAC. But now Kodandaram is spewing venom on our government. He is working for the Congress,” alleged the chief minister

Kodandaram played an active role in the Telangana struggle for separate statehood as the head of the TJAC and was one of the biggest supporters of KCR. Today, he is seen as the biggest potential threat to TRS’s supremacy, which remained more or less unchallenged in last three years due to weak opposition.

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