Jaya video: Media stooping to worst loosing commonsense

 A video of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Late Actress Jayalalitha is being under circulations on the internet already. The video comprises the woman in a nightdress sipping a juice/water in a bottle and watching TV.

The disqualified MLA P Vetrival released this video and that is showing Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalithaa at her deathbed. It is very disturbing to see a chief minister in that position. The 20-second video has no exact date and time where it has been shot and who shot it. The MLA revealed out that Sasikala is the person who took video of Jayalalitha just before 3 days before her death. This video is currently on media and everyone are playing it for repeated TRP and chances of getting huge views as well.

The Election commission is serious on these channels for telecasting this just a day before the Election of RK Nagar By poll is about to start. EC also gave out a strict warning letter to all the channels leading in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu not to display Ex Late CM Jaya Lalitha video during her last days. The bigger question here is that Media should have a minimum common sense before playing this kind of videos where showcasing a firebrand Chief minister in the fragile and sick situation is not fun at all. For just TRP stooping into that Low? Have Media no ethics?

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