FIDAA Sai Pallavi sidelined in MCA, Will it cost?

Though Premam is not a Telugu movie, when it was first made in Malayalam all the Telugu youth got connected to it a lot (Thanks to torrents) . There came the internet cute actress Sai Pallavi into the minds of AP,TG youth.

With the debut of FIDAA film, Sai Pallavi gave her best and was the crucial person to pull FIDAA into almost 50 crore share showcasing what can be a girl  character pulling out from audience wallets. Fidaa has made her a big-time sensation especially in Nizam region. The actress is struck with another movie with Dil Raju after FIDAA titled MCA got released today(MCA review was already published in our website check out) in which the naturally talented unconventional beauty was ignored successfully by the director Sriram. There are zero best scenes of Sai Pallavi in the movie out of which she has very less runtime in second half.

 She is sidelined in the second half as her role has no connection with the story. Bhumika and Nani were all over the movie and the FIDAA girl has got no chance to entertain the audience. This is a worst plan by Sriram as 50% of the audience coming into theatres are the crowd that came for her.

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