MCA – Middle-Class Abbayi – Movie Review

Hero Nani is in the full grip with back to back super hits in his career. Though his market is not very high he is so cool and positive being a huge crowd puller for Multiplex audience and balcony class people. After the films Ninnu Kori and Nenu Local which grossed a bigger number this year Nani is on his hat-trick cards with MCA – Middle-Class Abbayi along with Dil Raju and Sai Pallavi .. Let’s see how this movie went.

Story analysis and Positives:
The actor Rajeev Kanakala is the elder brother of Nani , Nani leads a happy bachelors life until Bhumika Chawla his Vodina – Bhabhi enters into the life of Rajeev Kanakala. Nani goes pretty much uncomfortable as she sidelines Nani out of Rajeev’s life. The authority and importance of Rajeev Kanakala goes with Bhumika and this drives Nani to Crazy. At the same juncture Bhumika regarding her job issues goes on  transfer to Warangal RTO office as RTO ,while Rajeev gets posted to Delhi on training. Nani was supposed to accompany Bhumika to Warangal wherein he falls in love with Sai Pallavi at Warangal. Meanwhile, Shiva – Vijay a transport Mafia king brings dilemma into Bhumika’s work life offering her illegal activities/bribes. The whole story goes into 3 separate threads. Nani’s struggle with household and his Vodina, the Second one will be love saga between Sai Pallavi and Nani and third , crucial one where Bhumika – Nani becomes together at a point and fights against the death threat from Transport Mafia. Nani’s performance and Bhumika chawala’s performance is said to be decent asset for this film. The star of MCA is Bhumika. She excels as Nani’s vadina . Clean comedy is what will tickle multiplex audience at times , First half has some strong platform to deal with. The theme of Vadina and Maridhi has plotted with very different backdrop. “kotthaga Kotthaga rekkalochinattu ga “, “yevandoi Nani garu “songs are too good on screen.

Negatives :
With a interesting first half and perfect plot over there, second half did not run properly with Venu Sriram’s screenplay. Movie got misfired in the second half with ruthless story telling and this took a bigger negative into the audience mind. Songs were also expected to be stunning, like Nenu Local but they are OK not that great . Back ground music has such a poor result that one would wonder if Devi Sri really did the back ground score for this movie. Production values too were too less considering the Range of Dil Raju’s SVC Creations. If family audience lap up the second half it may go into an average mark . Sai Pallavi’s character was not designed properly and Bhumika overlapped her role. The brand of Dil Raju , Sai Pallavi and Nani might pull this movie to get 1- 2 days run with good opening weekend but on a bigger scale the story and comedy will not help this average family drama to settle into theatres for more period of time.

Final result :
MCA – Middle Class Abbayi justifying the title dropped its interest in Middle of the film. With a wonderful first half and lame second half, the family audience is going to have some tough time in theatres this time as they prefer Nani’s film a lot. As the Advance bookings in USA and Indian market are high a decent numbers will be out for first 2- 3 days but it won’t stand still. Neither Sai Pallavi nor the story was utilized properly. One time watch for Nani – Bhumika’s chemistry as Vodina – Maridi , where Middle class abbayi is not here to STAY .

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