Why is Rajnath mediating with TDP MPs?

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is holding consultations with the aggrieved TDP MPs over the injustice done to the State in the Union budget. He is said to have telephoned TDP boss and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and is holding talks with the TDP MPs in Delhi. He had his first round of talks with them on Monday and is said to be holding another round of talks on Tuesday. The TDP MPs too have given him a representation seeking justice to the State.

The budget was presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely. If the TDP MPs or the party chief have any complaints about the budget, they should speak to the Finance Minister or he should have intervened and called the MPs. The government is headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and if the TDP has any complaints, they should have gone to him and complained. They, being an ally of the BJP, have the access to the Prime Minister. Or should have held talks with the BJP president Amit Shah.

But, they met the Home Minister and held talks with him. The Home Minister heads the police departemnt, particularly the CBI and has nothing to do with the finances or the projects related to the Andhra Pradesh. If the TDP MPs want finance for Polavaram or Amaravati or any other project, they have the direct route to meet the Finance Minister or the Prime Minister or even the BJP president. But why the Home Minister who deals with the CBI?

The very intervention of the Home Minister in the issue is seen as something else. Is Modi trying to snub the TDP by threatening them through the Home (CBI) Minister? Is it on the pending case of infamous ‘Cash for Vote’ registered against the TDP in Telangana State? Or is it because of the alleged corruption involved in Amaravati land deals and the Polavaram expenditure as alleged by several BJP leaders too? Is Modi trying to silence the TDP leaders by using the Home Minister who has the files with him and the CBI about the cases?

These are a few questions that are doing rounds in the State with people raising their doubts following the intervention of Rajnath Singh instead of Arun Jaitely or anyone else. By any reason, there is no scope for the intervention of the Home Minister in the present issue, which is linked to the economic issues. The TDP leaders including the two Ministers, who met the Union Home Minister on Monday and who are scheduled to meet him again on Tuesday, are tight-lipped on the discussions that they had with Rajnath and were asked not to speak to the media unless cleared by Chandrababu Naidu. They are avoiding the media in Delhi to reveal the outcome of the discussions they had with the Home Minister. Why is this secrecy if the talks are held on the injustice done to the State and not on the cases pending with the Home Minsitery?

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