Bandh, successful, peaceful, reflects peoples’ sentiments

The State is observing bandh today seeking justice to the State from the Central government. The bundh is also a protest against the failure of the Central government to help the State and the failure of the BJP leadership to fulfil its promises to the State.

The State had partially sponsored the bandh by withdrawing RTC buses from roads and closing all the educational institutions. The government offices too will remain half working and the banks would go partial. The shops and establishments remained closed for the first half of the day, while theatres have cancelled their morning shows as a mark of protests.

The CPI, CPM, Congress and the YSR Congress parties, besides the trade unions and other people, organisations are taking out protest rallies to ensure that the bandh is success and that represents the anger and anguish of the people.

There is no need for repetition of what was done to the State and how the bifurcation was handled by both the then ruling Congress and Opposition BJP. It was these two parties that have bifurcated the State four years ago. It was the BJP which had promised to heal the wounds of the people caused by unjust division. But the wounds remain unhealed or rather untouched by the BJP in the past four years. The ruling combine – BJP and TDP – had been keeping the people in the outpatient ward for the past four years without even giving a first aid treatment for their wounds. They are kept in the waiting hall watching the doctors – Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu – to come up with better equipment to treat them. Three years have gone and fourth year is on. There was not even a first aid kit to treat them.

Chandrababu Naidu has been spending the three years creating digital world for them in the name of Amaravati, foreign investments and Polavaram. It has been the drones all over collecting the video and still clips to create the new digital world. The Chief Minister moved nothing beyond this in the last three years and wants to be there for the next 20 years to convert this digital world into reality.

Modi has been wasting his time blaming Congress for the wounds. He did that blame game once again in Parliament yesterday while making a reference to the AP MPs holding a well-orchestrated protest in the Well of the House and at the Speaker’s Podium. He hurled abuses and was even at his sarcastic best while hitting at women member of Rajya Sabha Renuka Chowdary equating her laugh in the House to Supranakha’s laugh before Rama and getting punished by Lakshman. He did not show the commitment in speaking for the people of AP as he did at the time of elections in 2014. He seems to have forgotten that he had made the promises to the people of the State at his election meeting in Tirupati, the abode of Lord Balaji and is now going back on it.

The two leaders, Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi, are openly displaying their utter disgrace to the democracy by ignoring what they have promised. They might be thinking that they can buy the voters with note or religious sentiment. But that would not work for long. They cannot fool all the people for all the time. If the TDP and BJP fail to do justice to the State, well, the voters would do their share of justice for the two parties in the next round of elections. The only issue is that the people should find an alternative leader who can take on these two leaders and promise the best medicine and treatment for their bifurcation wounds.

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