High Court for Seema is just a demand

The people of Rayalaseema region are on a warpath once again now. This time, their agitation is for High Court to be established in their region. The advocates of the region are on relay hunger strike since January 23.

The demand has some history. The State of Andhra was first carved out from the combined Madras Presidency in 1953 with a demand for separate state for Telugu-speaking people. When the State was created the capital went to Kurnool and the High Court was given to coastal region at Guntur. The arrangement continued till a combined State was formed with the Telugu-speaking areas of Nizam’s Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh became a reality in 1956 with Hyderabad as headquarters.

Now, the State is divided again in 2014 and the issues of capital and High Court for Rayalaseema came to the fore with the capital located in Guntur (Amaravati). The 2014 bifurcation had taught us several lessons – concentration of development in one place was seen as most dangerous. The development that took place both in the public sector and private sector around Hyderabad was phenomenal. We, the people of AP have paid heavy price for it in the bifurcation as the developed area and the institutions were given to TS leaving nothing for AP.

There were voices, immediately after bifurcation, in support of spreading development to various parts of the State and not concentrating that around the capital. In fact, that was the reason why we have accepted railway zone to be given to the Uttarandhra at Visakhapatnam. Now, that the capital is located in the coastal districts, the demand for High Court in Rayalaseema is justified.

The State government looks firm on having the High Court too in the capital, Amaravati. The search is now on for having the High Court temporarily located somewhere close to the capital. A team of judges from High Court have visited Acharya Nagarjuna University campus last week to take a look at the buildings and space available for temporary location, not even taking into consideration the Gentlemen agreement that gave capital to Kurnool and High Court to Guntur. It is time, the leaders have a second thought on concentrating development around the capital. It is always better to spread the institutions all over the State and thus ensure that every region is developed equally.

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