Will the fact finding team expose the Governments?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had finally created a fact finding team to know the facts about the Central government giving funds to the State. The team initially consists of Lok Satta founder Dr Jayaprakash Narayana and former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar. The Jana Sena chief, while backing out from the team, said that there would be some more in the team who are subject experts. He is yet to name them. It is said that Pawan Kalyan had already knocked at the doors of former bureaucrats like Mohan Kanda, E A S Sarma, I Y R Krishna Rao, to be part of the panel. But, it is believed that they have turned down the request and wanted to be independent.

Now that Jayaprakash Narayan and Undavalli have agreed to be part of it, the panel would look into the flow of funds from the Centre to the State under the AP Reorganisation Act 2014. The Centre claims that it had given more funds to the State than what is given to the States in a normal course. However, the State claims that it had not received anything from the Centre under the Act. Who is lying, the Centre or the State is the big question that Pawan Kalyan had raised and set 15 days deadline for both the governments to come out with white papers. The fact finding team would look into the white papers and give clarity to the people on the issue.

Whether are not the fact finding panel would expose the issue, the big question is will the governments follow the demand for white paper and give the same within the deadline set by Pawan Kalyan? Keeping politics aside, the two governments are bound to give white paper. They have to release the facts as it is not just Pawan Kalyan’s demand but of the people of the State. The question is there in the minds of the people as both TDP and BJP are confusing and contradicting over the financial issues. While BJP claims that it had given more than what was given to the other States, the TDP discounts it leading to suspicion.

Not being carried away by the protest dramas of the TDP against the government in Parliament, which is part of the government, there is need for some pressure to be put on the Central government in the larger interests of the State and the people. It is good that Pawan Kalyan had taken the initiative. Keeping the political interests of the Jana Sena chief aside, people are looking forward to know the facts at least through him and his fact finding panel. The government cannot ridicule him or his efforts as the demand for white paper on funds is what the people too are interested to know.

People also have some confidence in the concerns of both Jayaprakash Narayan and Undavalli Arun Kumar. Whoever else could be the members of this panel, people have hopes that it would be able to expose the liar and then give them a chance to fight for the State. Which party takes advantage of the facts and lies exposed by this panel and with whom the people would go are the questions to be answered later. If the BJP is found to be right and TDP a lying, or BJP is lying and TDP is right, of both are lying or both are right, it is for the people to decide whom to support in the interests of the State and its people.

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