It is war of words between BJP and TDP

Leaders of the ruling combine are locked in a war of words across the State. Both the TDP and the BJP leaders are not ready to shake hands anymore the way they target each other. The language they choose to nail each other is more political than of any use for the people.

Having sit in the hot seat for four years with empty coffers and raising high hopes of world class cities and world class infrastructure, Chandrababu Naidu finds nothing behind him to claim for the next electoral victory. He had won the 2014 elections on promises for the new State and blame on Jagan Mohan Reddy’s corruption. As he could not deliver what he had promised, he needs someone to be blamed. This time he cannot blame Jagan Mohan Reddy again, at least not as he did in the previous election. He needs a new scapegoat and finally found his ally – BJP – as the best bet to be nailed.

He had coined several words and phrases this time unlike in the past. Handholding, level playing field, disruptive technology, fourth revolution and many more are some words and phrases that his four years dispensation gave to the people. Of course, there are a few unfinished roads in Amaravati and six buildings that house the temporary secretariat and Assembly. The much-talked about Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme also tops the list of his achievements, but then what the government did here was just to have 24 pumps for the scheme while 80 per cent of the canal was completed during the Congress regime.

Chandrababu Naidu is looking for a potential enemy to justify his unfinished tasks and unfulfilled promises. He now finds BJP as the better enemy than Jagan Mohan Reddy. It is for this cause, he had asked his party rank and file to hit the BJP hard at every level.

The anger for Chandrababu Naidu is not just the Jaitley’s budget, but the decision of the BJP leadership on the increase of Assembly seats. The BJP is not ready to take this step at this point of time. It doesn’t have the time too to amend the Constitution and increase the Assembly seats as desired by Chandrababu Naidu. It would be very tough for the TDP chief to go for the next round of elections if the Assembly seats are not increased. He needs to accommodate the defectors and his own party leaders. It would be disastrous for him if he fails to accommodate them all. He is mounting pressure on the BJP leadership seeking increase of the Assembly seats, for which the BJP leadership of the two Telugu States is not willing. The BJP leaders from AP and TS have already made their stand clear against the increase of the Assembly seats and the national leadership may not go against their party wishes.

Chandrababu Naidu is thus caught in a tough situation – to justify the world class development he could not provide and the promises he could not fulfil. This makes him fume at the BJP and it is set to go on further finally breaking the alliance. It is just matter of time.

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