Modi-Shah sees cast consolidation in South?

The North leaders are suspecting something is happening in the South. It is a consolidation of a caste that would be a potential threat to the Banias from the North. They could never win the Christians of the North East in politics. Now, they are more worried about a similar consolidation in the South. They fear that this group in South would be potential to challenge them both in politics and business as well, if allowed. That potential group is the Reddy caste from the South.

The Reddys are prominently present in the four of the five Southern States. They are present both in business and politics. They are also the leading contractors. Their presence is felt in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well. They cannot be ignored at least in the three States excluding Tamil Nadu.

The Reddys in Telangana have already started consolidation. The move started with TDP’s Revanth Reddy joining the Congress. This had two years of hard work done by the leaders of the community in Telangana who wanted the caste to emerge as a strong force to Velamas in Telangana and Kammas in Andhra Pradesh. The consolidation started in Telangana and is set to happen in Andhra Pradesh too. Though not well organised, the caste is strong in Karnataka in both politics and business as well.

The Modi-Shah duo had seen this consolidation happening in the South. They fear that this consolidation would challenge the North leadership that enjoys the control over Delhi (the political capital) and Mumbai (the economic capital). The fear of north had already started and the BJP sees it as an advantage to Congress. The Reddys in Telangana are with the Congress. The Reddys in Karnataka are mostly with the Congress. The Reddys in Andhra Pradesh were with the Congress and now with the YSR Congress. The Reddys in Tamil Nadu are not well organised.

If organised well, the Reddys would beat Velamas in Telangana, the Kammas in Andhra Pradesh, the Lingayats in Karnataka and the Mudaliayars of Tamil Nadu. No one is sure whether the Reddy leaders are really working on these lines to consolidate themselves both in politics and business in the years to come, but it is for sure that the Shah-led BJP visualises this .

Shah is said to have a detailed analysis of this consolidation in the South and the analysis was done by the RSS-VHP think tank. It is also is said to be one of the reasons for Shah-Modi being soft to Jagan Mohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh, which may not help him win the Reddys in other States.

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