Why did Mukesh Ambani visit Naidu?

Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani was in Amaravati meeting Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for more than five hours. The official information says that Ambani had visited the Real Time Governance Centre and took a look at the State government’s technology use in administration. It is also stated that Ambani had agreed to invest on a mobile manufacturing unit in Tirupati and wanted to start a joint venture with the State government in IT at Amaravati. These are the two proposals with which Ambani had come and met Chandrababu Naidu.

For Mukesh Ambani these two proposals are no big deal. They can be handled by any of his juniors with any of the State governments or the Central government in the country. There should be much more a bigger thing for him to visit any place and meet any leader. At this point of time it is certainly to have a word with Chandrababu Naidu who upset with the Modi dispensation. Being a good friend of both Modi and Naidu, the Reliance chief flew down to the capital to bridge the gap. Perhaps this is what is being debated now by political circles.

Mukesh is understood to have told Chandrababu Naidu very clearly that he should not break the alliance with BJP as that would give an edge to the Opposition YSR Congress. While promising some more handholding for Naidu in the third quarter of this financial year, the Modi government had asked Naidu to wait for the time without breaking the alliance.

It is also believed that Modi has some basic information about the possibility of Naidu working at the national politics in the name of Third Front. CPM is for the Third Front sans Congress. If Naidu gets into the national politics, he could bring the regional parties together and form it with the backing of the CPM. Naidu can reach out to leaders like Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh, Laloo Prasad, Biju Patnaik, Mamatha Benerji and others at the national level. The BJP is already suffering in Maharastra due to Shiv Sena breaking the alliance. It is not ready to lose strong friends like Naidu who could alter the political fortunes at the national level. It is for this reason Mukesh had come down to Amaravati, as reasoned by some political analysts.

It is also widely discussed here that Modi had initial information of Naidu having talks with the Shiv Sena chief earlier this month. Left alone in dejected mood, Naidu can reach out to the other leaders, as the BJP fears. Modi, who is growing strong at the national level, is not prepared to lose the strong and potential leader like Naidu. The loss of Shiv Sena is a matter of few votes loss to the BJP. But the loss of Naidu is a matter of many seats.

The message that Mukesh brought to Naidu was very clear. Modi had concern for the State and the Centre has money for this. The only thing is the time when to do what and when to give the money. The Reliance boss had reportedly told the TDP boss to wait for the appropriate time. He was assured of the Centre’s support at a time when it matters to the voters and can bring votes.

Going by what is debated in Amaravati, the State would get funds around September-November and that would remain afresh in the minds of the people when the State goes for elections. The money that flows from Delhi should fetch votes for both the TDP and BJP and should not go down the memory lane of the people.

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