Jagan puts TDP in trouble

YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy had once again took lead in the run for the special category status demand for the State. Though he had been raising the demand all through and had even held a day-long protest in Delhi and a couple of Yuva Bheri meetings with the students in the past, his latest salvo of his MPs quitting Parliament had put him above all other parties. He had set April 5th as deadline for the Centre to grant the special category status failing which his party MPs would quit both Houses of Parliament on April 6. He has five MPs in Lok Sabha (after S P Y Reddy, Butta Renuka and Kothapalli Geetha leaving his party) and one in Rajya Sabha. This would be the last resort for him to fight against the Centre on the special category status demand.

Jagan had asked the TDP to make its MPs quit Parliament along with the YSR Congress to increase pressure on the Central government. However, the TDP had escaped by stating that the party would not work with a criminal who is facing several CBI cases. Though this is not seen as a genuine excuse by the people, the TDP is trying to save its face in the fight by giving enough signals that it would only accept any call by its ally-Pawan Kalyan.

Surprisingly, Pawan Kalyan, after the two-day meeting of his Joint Fact-finding Committee (JFC) in Hyderabad, had asked the TDP MPs too to quit or table a No Confidence Motion against the government. Taking lead from the call, Jagan Mohan Reddy, who is now in Parkasam district as part of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra had thrown a challenge to the TDP once again asking the party to table No Confidence Motion in the Parliament or support his party to table the motion.

The ball is now in TDP’s court. The TDP cannot escape now. It has to take the lead and table No Trust Move or back the YSR Congress to take the lead. If TDP and YSR Congress come together to table No Trust Move against the government, it would together have 20 MPs in Lok Sabha. Though the strength is not enough, there is Congress which is ready to back the demand. The Congress had in the past garnered support for the AP’s demand from 14 national and regional parties. That would make enough numbers of the AP MPs to table the no confidence motion against the government, a big opportunity on hand for the AP parties and others to nail Modi leadership.

It is now to be seen if the TDP would take lead from Jagan and display its commitment to the people or would continue to play the backdoor games for the party’s political interests. People are closely watching the TDP to make its next move on the issue.

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