TDP, BJP isolated in AP

It looks like only the TDP and BJP are isolated in the AP politics. The meeting for the special category status held in Vijayawada on Sunday is an indication that the TDP and the BJP are the clear targets of the people on Special Category Status demand for the State.

The meeting had the representations of CPI, CPM, Congress, YSR Congress and Jana Sena, besides some civil society organisations led by Chalasani Srinivas. The speakers, one after the other, from all these Opposition parties, have targeted the TDP and the BJP for their failures to get the special category status given to the State, a promise that was made at the time of bifurcation. The Opposition parties have given a schedule for their fight against these two parties on the demand.

The YSR Congress would hold protests at the district Collector offices in the 13 districts on March 1. The Congress had given a call to block the national highways on March 2. The other parties have evolved a single action programme of holding protest in Delhi from March 5 to 8. The MPs belonging to the YSR Congress would continue to hold protest in the Parliament all through the remaining days of the budget session and quit on April 6. The all-party leaders have also decided to continue protests across the State involving youth and students, who have high hopes on the special category status.

Besides Chalasani Srinivas, the other leaders like K Ramakrishna of CPI, P Madhu of CPM, N Raghuveera Reddy of the Congress, K P Saradhi of the YSR Congress and Pothina Mahesh of Jana Sena have agreed to have a common agenda to fight on the special category status. Uttarandhra leader Konatala Ramakrishna had proposed a candle light rally in Visakhapatnam on March 4. There are other civil society organisations, besides the student and youth organisations lined up for a strong action plan in the State.

The days, given the tempo created at this meet, is set to witness another round of serious agitation. However, it is to be seen if the employees would join this movement like they did against bifurcation in the past. If the employees, who have championed the Samaikyandhra movement in 2013, fail to join the struggle, they would be isolated from the people and the mass actions in future. It is for them to think and act now as the rest of the Opposition and people have decided to fight against the BJP and TDP for the welfare of the State.

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  1. These people are committing the same mistake when they were leading an agitation for “SAMAIKYANDHRA ” when bifurcation was already decided and made public fools. Now you cannot go back to SCS and it is better to ask for statutory status for special package.

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