Blame game is on

The political parties in the State are into blame game over the special category status demand. If it was the Congress MPs at the time of bifurcation who refused to quit and claimed that they would protest and stall the bifurcation while being inside, it is now the TDP MPs who are speaking the same language. Not a single MP from the State is seen having concern for the State and the people. They are businessmen and big contractors who want to protect their own business interests.

The ruling TDP is playing hide and seek now by  not coming out  to give a fight and get things done for the State. They also failed to get the benefits to the State by being friendly or being part of the government. Four years of precious time is over and there is no point in shedding tears now for what was not done so far. The leaders in power should know that they were given five years to deliver and with every passing year they should have an assessment of what was promised and what was delivered. Wailing at the end of the term for not having delivered is not acceptable and Chandrababu Naidu should admit that he could not get things done while being in power as ally.

There is growing unrest among the people across the State for the promises not kept by both Modi and Naidu. The irony is that Naidu wants to cash in on the unrest against him using the media . Shifting blame on Congress for the unjust bifurcation at this point of time is not acceptable as Chandrababu Naidu needs to answer the question what was he doing in the last four years. Blaming the Opposition YSR Congress is also not wise and people would not buy this argument as the Opposition has anything to do in delivering things from the government. It is those who are part of the government who should deliver and not the Opposition.

Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena too is in the shade of Chandrababu Naidu. One wonders how Pawan Kalyan can fix schedule for the YSR Congress on going for no confidence motion against the government in Parliament. He can have any schedule and action plans for his own party but not for others. The irony is that he is still silent on the failures of his ally, TDP, and its adamant attitude on no confidence motion. Instead of asking Chandrababu Naidu to agree for the no confidence motion in the Parliament, he played game by fixing dates for Jagan. His statement had exposed his loyalties to the ruling TDP and made it clear that he is not a fighting material and no different from Chandrababu Naidu.

Both Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan are using media or seen in the media with big talks but not in action. This strategy of doing politics through media does not serve any purpose and does not survive for long.

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