Congress to outwit TDP, YSRCP in Parliament

The Congress leaders are busy chalking out action plan for the next round of budget session starting from March 5. The leaders are busy chalking out programm to raise the special category status and other issues in the Parliament and force the TDP and YSR Congress to back it.

While the YSR Congress had agreed to move a no confidence motion in Parliament, the Congress is taking lead to make its move first. AP Congress president N Raghuveera Reddy is having consultations with the party senior leaders, including AICC president Rahul Gandhi to move no confidence motion in Parliament on AP issues. Rahul Gandhi is said to be in favour of it and had reportedly told leader of opposition Mallikharjun Kharge in Lok Sabha to move no confidence motion.

The Congress had already served notice to the government under rule 184 of Lok Sabha procedures to initiate debate on the AP Reorganisation Act. If that is not admitted by the Speaker, then the Congress is ready for no confidence motion. The Congress has mustered the support of 14 parties and has 80 MPs to back the AP’s concerns in Parliament.

The Congress had already held a meeting in Guntur last year batting for special category status in which it had leaders like UP former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav. These parties are ready to support the Congress-sponsored no confidence motion.

The YSR Congress, as cleared earlier, would certainly back the no confidence motion of the Congress. There are Left parties that are ready to support the Congress-sponsored no confidence motion. Now the ball is in TDP’s court. It has to decide whether it would support the no confidence motion or would continue to believe in ‘friendly relationship’ with the BJP to get things done even at the eleventh hour.

As of now, the TDP is not ready to support either the Congress or the YSR Congress. It is worried about these two parties taking political advantage out of the situation. Chandrababu Nadiu is never prepared to acknowledge any success to others and wants every advantage for him. No confidence motion or debate under Rule 184 is initiated by the Congress and YSR Congress, as TDP is not ready to take lead while continuing in the government. Given this situation, it is going to be a herculean task before Chandrababu Naidu to decide. It is clear that whichever the party takes lead in fighting for AP concerns and Naidu may not give that credit to others. He is neither ready to take the credit by fighting. He wants the credit for him.

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