Naidu struggles to come back to Status demand

Telugu Desam Party supremo and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is struggling to come back to the popular demand of Special Category Status for the State. He is the most-targeted leader these days in the State politics for his stand on the Special Category Status demand during the last four years. With people of all walks of life and political parties, not to ignore the various organisations, raising the demand for the special category status, Chandrababu Naidu is forced to take a look at it and is struggling to get back to the path which he had abandoned two years ago. While giving up the demand and welcoming special package that was promised by BJP, Chandrababu Naidu went several steps forward to discount the special category status. He had even tried to draw a comparative line on the growth that the existing states having special category status have achieved over the years and asserted that special package would do better than the special category status.

Now, to come back to the demand of special category status, he had to bite his own words uttered on various occasions in the last two years. He is now struggling to get back, using the media and his men to slowly inject the same into the minds of the people and they forget his earlier statements in favour of package and against the status.

When Congress had promised the special category status for five years and the BJP promised it for ten years, Chandrababu Naidu had asked it for 15 years. He went on record to justify his demand.

He had taken the initiative to get the AP Assembly pass resolution seeking the special category status for the State. The Assembly had passed the resolutions twice and each time he had given lengthy speeches justifying the special category status demand and how it would help rebuild the State.

All his statements in favour of the special category status and against it in the last four years are now available for the people. They are being circulated widely in the social media. His critics are taking him for task. Every youth, who holds an android mobile on hand, has all the statements that Chandrababu Naidu had made in favour of and against the special category status. His media managers are  not able to counter this extensive campaign.

Gone are the days for Chandrababu Naidu to change his statements on any issue and convince the people with the support of the media. But, the social media had stripped him off from his positive image building exercise by the media. The presence of social media had robbed him off all the chances to go back on his words and forward a new version making people believe him.

Added to this, the Congress, YSR Congress and the Communist parties are extensively campaigning on the instances where, when and how Chandrababu Naidu had changed his stand on the special category status. These parties are taking those statements to the people through the media, which Chandrababu Naidu had to counter, if he had to come back to the demand.

In this backdrop, it is to be seen how the TDP chief would save his face and echo the popular demand for the special category status.


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  1. A trial, be it media trial, cannot be one-sided. The writer doesn’t spend a single sentence to convey his/her readers as to the implementation-status of the special package that no lesser authority than Aurun Jaitley came down to Andhra to emphatically convince people and government over there. Again, Special Package was just an assurance and the BJP had never made it statutorily binding. Then, the 11 states that were conferred SMS, prior to 2014, are merrily enjoying it even today despite Centre’s argument, two year’s ago, that SMS is on the way out. The BJP govt. has simply taken Naidu for ride. This also evident the way they were dilli-dallying the matter of Visakha Railway Zone. They even got the Railway Board Chairman issue a contradictory statement!

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