Naidu’s master plan to use them as his agents?

Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu is on an ambitious plan of using the women of  self-help groups as his representatives in the villages to get him electoral benefits. The government had appointed over 4 lakh women in the State as Sadhikara Mitras (Friends of Empowerment) in the villages each taking care of 35 families in the village. These women would be visiting the 35 families given to them on a regular basis and interact with them about the welfare initiatives of the government. They would also take up the problems of these 35 families with the government and see that they are addressed on priority.

Chandrababu Naidu had addressed a large group of these women at his camp office the other day where he hinted at their next role. “You are my hope. You work for the next six months. We will reap the benefits. Ensure that peoples’ satisfaction levels on the government welfare programmes is increased month after the month and the goodwill for the government increases for the best results,” was all what he had said in the meeting with the women.

He also tried to lure the women to work for the government – read TDP – in the villages and had promised to honour them as State guests visiting Amaravati, Polavaram and some tourist places from time to time at the government’s expenses. Once these women start working as Sadhikara Mitras in the villages dealing with 35 families each, they would be dumped with the huge literature being readied intended to create a positive image for the Chief Minister and his leadership.


Chandrababu Naidu wants  TDP to back to power in the State by winning next elections.It is with this ambitious plan, Mr  Naidu had engaged the women through whom he wants to go for the next round of elections using them as his campaigners at the grassroots.

However, the women from Andhra Pradesh are wise enough to do what they want. They are capable of choosing their leader when it comes to election.

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