Sridevi’s death… all is not well in the glamour world

Sridevi is not the first heroine to die. She is not going to be the last one. There have been many women from the glamour world whose lives came to an end abruptly and it happened when it was not expected. Their death left the fans and people in deep shock.

In the Tollywood, the list begins with the death of Savitri and that continues with the death of Divya Bharati, Silk Smitha, not to mention the small time glamour dolls. Now, it is Sridevi.

The problem with Sridevi is that she was never treated by the people as a human being who can grow older and loose the shine . She was identified and treated as a symbol of beauty. Surprisingly, even after marriage, she never came out of that identity. She had not even accepted that she can lose her beauty after giving birth to two daughters. She had tried to look good for those who want her to be good looking. At 50 looking as beautiful as she was in 20s amounts a lot of physical and psychological pressure on the person. Whether she liked the tag of glamour dal or not, but she had tried to be so even at the age of 50, which is something wrong and is against the law of the nature.

Hero Sobhan Babu was the only person who had realised that the beauty fades away as age increases. The body appearance, beauty and strength get faded as we change the calendar every year. Sobhan Babu was one of the beautiful men and was the darling of many. Soon, he realised that he is no more the dream boy and avoided appearing on the screen. He did not attend the film events or was never seen in public as he did not like people to see him old and forget him as the beautiful hero. Even after his death, his family members did not release the aged-Sobhan Babu’s photos nor did they allow the media to take his photos. Now, when we think of Sobhan Babu, the images that pass through the memory are of his young age. That is how those in the glamorous world think about their identity.

There is also another aspect to the lives of people in the glamour world. They are expected to live a costly life. It is ok when they are earning, but it is something not ok when they are not earning. Again that amounts to a lot of physical and psychological pressure which is against the law of economics.

The better we realise the law of the nature and the order of economics, the better our lives would be.

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