TDP gears up for poster, pamphlet war on BJP

Having left the Union cabinet, the TDP is now planning for a massive campaign against the BJP’s betrayal to the State. The TDP leadership is getting ready with the posters and pamphlets to explain to the people how the TDP and the State were betrayed by the BJP in the last four years.

A team of senior politicians and bureaucrats is on the job of preparing the posters and pamphlets that would tell even the toughest issues so easily to the people. As the issues between the TDP and the BJP are related to the finance, which may not be easy for the people to understand, this team is working on different forms to convey the message easily to the people through cartoons and graphics. These posters and pamphlets would be distributed in every village and even to every house so that people would understand that efforts that Chandrababu Naidu had put in to get the bifurcation benefits from the Central government in the last four years.

The core issues of special category status, special package to the backward districts, funding for the Amaravati capital city, the promises of Dugarajapatnam Port, Steel plant in Kadapa and railway zone in Visakhapatnam would take the major share in spreading the campaign against the BJP. The issues like share of assets and liabilities between the two Telugu States would also be highlighted and explained in detail to the people.

If Congress is seen as an enemy of bifurcation, the TDP now wants to portray the BJP as the enemy of the post-bifurcation. This is what the TDP wants to tell the people and save its face from their anger for compromising with the BJP on special category status.

The Opposition YSR Congress, the Congress and the Left parties have been pointing an accusing finger at the TDP for compromising with the BJP. People at the grassroots now believe that both TDP and BJP are equally responsible for the injustice done to the State in the last four years. This common feeling among the people is set to have adverse impact on the TDP in the elections. Hence the TDP wants to come out of this image and project that it was the BJP which is responsible for the injustice and not the TDP.

A big task is now being planned to explain to the people about how Chandrababu Naidu had tried to convince the BJP leadership in the last four years by visiting Delhi 29 times and even visiting the houses of some of the Central Ministers seeking help. The TDP wants to show that both Andhra Pradesh and Chandrababu Naidu were betrayed by the BJP and the people and Chandrababu Naidu are victims of the BJP. It is to be seen if this would go well with the people or not.

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