Pawan Kalyan, a confused leader in AP politics ?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan looks like he is still to get clarity on several issues to be an electoral politician. With four years of political experience in Jana Sena and three years in Praja Rajyam Party, he is still struggling to find his way.

He had created a joint fact finding committee to look into the funds issue and the committee had come up with a statement. What next now is a big question from him as he lacks the clarity and fails to set his political agenda.

He had dared YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy to table no confidence motion against the Union government and promised to mobilise support from other parties at the national level. Now, with Jagan Mohan Reddy getting ready to move a no confidence motion on March 21, Pawan Kalyan had gone back on his claim stating that he had neither strength nor the experience to muster support for the no confidence motion. He had promised to get the TDP support for the no confidence motion, but now he looks hapless.

While moving to Kaza village where he is building his own house and set to hold a massive public meeting on March 14, Pawan Kalyan, failed to make his political stand clear to the people. Will he fight for the issues of the people of Undavalli, Penumaka and Bethapudi whom he had visited in 2015-16 and promised to support them? Will he fight for the cause of the students of Fathima Medical College who have lost their career? Will he fight for the special category status and other issues concerning the State as he had promised earlier?

One day he says he would fight for the people. The next day he says he has neither the strength to fight nor the experience and the organisational structure to fight political battles. What is he in the State politics is a big question.

A head of his March 14 meeting, or at least on the day of the public meeting, this time, people are expecting a rather more matured politician in Pawan Kalyan. If he fails so or just reads out a well-drafted speech and goes back , he would be ridiculed at the electoral battles. He would be a non-existent politician at the polling booths and there would be fewer fingers that press the EVM button on his party symbol.


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