Pawan to go with Left parties in next polls

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is all set to have an electoral tie-up with the Left parties in the next round of elections. He is working shoulder to shoulder with the CPI and the CPM these days, inviting the leaders to his office and visiting their offices.

He had made his mind clear on the alliance with the TDP and BJP and it is almost clear that he had moved out of the alliance with them, the pact that he had in 2014. As of now, he doesn’t have the strength and resources to contest all the 175 Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh of the 119 seats in Telagana in the next elections. At best, he might pool up his resources to contest a couple of dozens of seats in Andhra Pradesh and would have to go with the Left parties for the rest.

Having cleared his stand on going with the Left in alliance, Pawan Kalyan would have to get clarity on the issues that he should speak. As a political party which is not in power or aligned with the ruling party, he should target the ruling party and not the opposition. He is caught between the ‘vision’ of Chandrababu Naidu and ‘corruption’ of Jagan Mohan Reddy. He is yet to make out who is his target, the man in power or the man in Opposition. This clarity would give him the place among the voters. Targeting the Opposition more is not going to help any party in the Indian democratic set up. Pawan Kalyan has to understand and learn this.

He may not have truck with the Opposition but his target should not be the Opposition. This is what a matured politician does. The more he targets the Opposition, the more he loses his ground and the more he targets the ruling party, he gets his due share of votes. People are wise enough to draw this line. It is for the leader to understand it.

Congress is nowhere in the State politics and its impact in the next elections is going to be minimum. The responsibility is more for the ruling TDP and BJP in the post bifurcation. Whatever is said to be the loss for the State, it should be attributed to the TDP and BJP combine. To some extent, Pawan Kalyan, by hitting hard the TDP here, had realised this. He should, to have his share of votes and seats in the next elections, continue this tirade and expose the failures of the TDP and BJP, while traveling with the Left parties.

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