Sailing with Left, Pawan says he will contest alone

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s statement that he would go alone in the next elections comes as a shocker for his friends and foes as well. When he launched the party ahead of the 2014 elections, he sailed with the TDP and BJP without contesting. The honeymoon lasted for three years and he broke the alliance. He started sailing with the Left parties. He appears to be closer to the CPI more than the CPM. He had even visited the CPI office in Vijayawada the other day and the CPI-dominated Press Club. He also backed the hunger strike of CPI-dominated journalists union in Vijayawada.

With all his CPI links growing stronger day by day, his statement that he would contest the next elections comes as a shocker. It had also raised several questions – the major question being on his confused mind. Moving in the security of bouncers and sharing the dais with the CPI, one wonders how long the actor would take to become a fulltime and full-fledged politician!

Electoral politics is not as easy as doing a hero role on the silver screen. Standing in front of the people is not the same as standing in front of the camera. He might have seen a countless people standing by him in his film (Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu) just on his one call, but that is not going to happen in the real life. Even for the reel life, it must have taken a few days for the producer to mobilise that crowd. He should have realised it at his recent meeting in Mangalagiri. It is not so easy for him to handle that huge crowd if at all it happens in the political platform.

So far only Indira Gandhi at the national level and NTR at the state level have seen such a huge turnout of the people for their political meetings. But that was with a commitment to the leadership who had some clarity on issues concerning the people. While Indira was admired for her Garibi Hatao, NTR was worshiped for his Rs 2 a kilo rice and Telugu self-respect call. Ironically the same crowd had defeated them both at the later stage. That is what politics is in real life, far away from the reel life character.

As of now, he is listed by the side of the Left parties and not as a competitor to the ruling TDP and Opposition YSR Congress. He has to go a long way to reach to the top three places in the State politics. This being the reality, his statement that he would contest alone raises doubts on his strengths and intentions too.

He is serious on contesting the polls or is he planning to play a spoilsport for either of the top two parties in the State, is a big question that he should answer for himself, if not for the people. Otherwise, he would remain a sixth finger in the AP politics, speaking now and then and winning one or two seats.

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