Conspiracy against TDP is not conspiracy against AP

TDP president and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is saying that there is a political conspiracy against the AP. He is also crying foul that the BJP is doing injustice to AP and hitting the sentiments and self-respect of the Telugu people.

Well, the present politics of the BJP have nothing to do with the Telugu pride or the self-respect of the Telugu people. It is purely a political game aimed at the TDP. This political game has nothing to do with the people.  Telugu pride is not Telugu Desam pride or the self-respect of the Telugu people is not to protect the TDP.

TDP is a political party and BJP is another political party. Every party will try to snub the other party to be in power or to come to power. TDP tried its best to stop BJP growing in the State. Now, it is the turn of the BJP to snub the TDP and have its base expanded in the State. These political moves have nothing to do with the people.

Chandrababu Naidu, blames the Opposition parties for not cooperating with the government. Before asking people to believe him, he should answer how cooperative he was with the government or ruling party when he was in Opposition.

He blames the YSR Congress for making any criticism of the government but one wonders whether he did not make such charges when he was in opposition? Did he not organise bandhs and protest rallies when TDP was in opposition? Did he not boycott or walk out from the Assembly while in Opposition? Did he not protest in the Well of the House not allowing the Speaker to carry out the business of the Assembly or Legislative Council?

Being Chief Minister, he forgot the basic requirements of the State in the last four years. Knowing fully well that the State started with the revenue deficit, he never compromised on expenditure, including the foreign tours and Amaravati foundation and so on. He never tried to create revenue assets for the state that would give income. He never made an attempt to create employment opportunities for the people, except the publicity and tall claims.

A leader who compromised on special category status for the State and accepted the special package cannot be accepted as a champion at this point of time. People have sent their agenda and will vote for the parties on the special category status demand.

As he claims for himself as the senior most politician of the country, he cannot claim the self-respect of the Telugu people for his political gains. Telugu people are wise enough to know what is development and what is politics. No one can fool them for all the time.

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