No Confidence Motion goes unnoticed again

The No Confidence Motion proposed separately by the YSR Congress and the TDP goes as a futile exercise on Monday too. The Lok Sabha was adjourned for Tuesday without taking up the notices.

This was the second day for the Lok Sabha to be adjourned without taking up the No Confidence Motion. On Friday, the House was adjourned for Monday as Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said she could not take up the motion as the House was not in order. Two days of Saturday and Sunday on hand, when the House met on Monday, the two political parties – TDP and YSR Congress – should have made an attempt to keep the House in order. Though the two parties have served notices to the Lok Sabha Speaker, they did not take enough care to ensure that the AIADMK MPs remained in their seats till the Speaker admits the No Confidence Motion.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, who claims to be the senior most politician in the country and who claims his commitment for the Special Category Status and other demands of the State, should have used his influence at the national level to keep the AIADMK MPs out of the Well. As the Speaker wants the House to be in Order and the Members to be in their Seats to take up the motion for discussion, Chandrababu Naidu should have used his seniority to convince the agitating AIADMK members to be silence for a while. Interestingly, the AIADMK members too would get a chance to the represent their issues if the House takes up discussion on the No Confidence Motion. This could have been well explained to them by the experienced Chandrababu Naidu, which he failed to do.

If the House continues to be like this even on Tuesday, the No Confidence Motion claims of both the TDP and YSR Congress would be of no use and they would never be admitted by the Speaker. If the TDP and the YSR Congress are serious about their No Confidence Motion, they should first get the support from other parties to ensure there is Order in the House and the agitations on the floor of the House are deferred for some time. Unless this is done, nothing is going to happen and the dramas would continue in the same way without getting anything constructive for the State.

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