Communists, Congress are doing better on SCS

The Communist parties which have been far behind in electoral politics are always ahead of others in giving their voice for the issues concerning the people. This time, they are far ahead of others in standing for the Special Category Status (SCS) and other bifurcation benefits. At no point of time the Left parties have compromised or given up the demand for the SCS..

With individuals like Chalasani Srinivas and film actor Sivaji, the Left parties have been keeping the SCS demand on the top of their agenda for the past four years. They did not go back when Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu clamped prohibitory orders in the State, particularly on any movement to raise the SCS demand in the last two years. They did not subscribe to the tall claims of the BJP and TDP on the special package announced in place of the Special Category Status. It is the TDP which had to come to their path now. They are holding the protest today on the national highways. They are blocking the traffic on the national highways as a mark of protest for the SCS. People are with them for the cause, may not be with them for the voting. But, this time, they have proved that they have the greater concern for the people and the State than other political parties.

There is Congress which is also fighting for the SCS from the day one. Though the Congress is responsible for all the mess and it had done it for some political gains in Telangana State, the party in AP had been in the forefront from the day one of the bifurcation, seeking the SCS. The one crore signatures that it had collected, the one crore mobile messages that it had mobilised and the number of cases it had filed against the PM and the CM in all the police stations in the State and the police station near Parliament in Delhi show that the Congress is trying to get the benefits for the State and also get its own share of political benefits. It has been trying to undo what it had done in the form of bifurcation.

The Congress never stayed away in raising the voice for the SCS. Its senior leader and Rajya Sabha member, K V P Ramachandra Rao, has been fighting for the SCS in the Parliament. He had moved a private member bill for the SCS. Though it was rejected, he never retired and continued to raise his voice. People are aware of his continued struggle. The Congress had mobilised the support of 14 national and regional parties in favour of the SCS for AP. The party had brought Rahul Gandhi to Guntur to speak for the people. The party had made Sonia Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh to write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the SCS to the State. These efforts are well recognised by the people. The Congress today is joining the peoples’ agitation to block the national highways and would continue to do the same.

The YSR Congress, undoubtedly, had been fighting for the SCS. It had held series of conventions with youth and students on the SCS demand. It was the first party that had intensified the agitation for SCS and made even the TDP to follow suit. The political equations have changed in the State only because of the YSR Congress that kept the issue burning and spread the flames across, making the ruling parties feel the heat.

People, undoubtedly would recognise the contribution and sincere efforts of these parties on the SCS and other issues. People would also remember the betrayal of the TDP-BJP combine and may not believe what the TDP says today shifting the blame on BJP alone.

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