Jana Sena reiterates its charges against Lokesh

The Jana Sena Party had reiterated its corruption charges against young minister Nara Lokesh. It was Pawan Kalyan who made the charges at his party’s formation day on March 14. Though he failed to justify the charges in an interview with a Telugu news channel later, the party had come forward with a statement reiterating the corruption charges.

The YSR Congress had been making such charges against Lokesh from the beginning, but it was not taken seriously either by the TDP or the media. Now, when Pawan Kalyan spilled the beans, it went viral and the TDP had to struggle to deny it. While some TDP leaders denied the charges, some went one step forward and attributed motives to Pawan Kalyan for making such charges against their young leader. They saw a conspiracy against the TDP by the YSR Congress, Jana Sena and the BJP.

The irony is that the TDP leaders attribute any political criticism or conspiracy against their party as the conspiracy against the State. TDP being a political party will have its own political strategies to counter the rivals. It had engineered defections in the Opposition YSR Congress to weaken it and it is its conspiracy. But, it does not allow other parties to do the same and attributes such moves as anti-people and anti-Andhra Pradesh.

Keeping those foul cries of conspiracies of the TDP aside, the Jana Sena’s fresh accusations against Lokesh look indigestible for the TDP. The TDP leaders now see a demon in Pawan Kalyan, on whose popularity that the TDP had won the 2014 elections with a slender margin. It was Modi-Pawan combination that had voted the TDP to power in the elections and this fact is known to every voter across the State.

The TDP saw a visionary in Pawan Kalyan for all the four years as he did not make any criticism. But, once a criticism, the hero turned zero for the party and a villain too. Not able to counter the charges, the TDP leaders hurl abuses of conspiracy to win sympathy from the people.

The sympathy cries of the TDP may not work every time as people are not blind to the mistakes that the TDP had committed in the last four years. Besides engineering the defections, the decisions like Singapore tie-up for Amaravati, taking fertile lands for the capital and Swiss Challenge, the use of police against the people in their fight for the special category status and many such actions were all afresh in the minds of the people. Any number of cries like a wailing widow would not help the TDP cover up its failures.

Whatever the injustice that the TDP claims from the BJP, part of it goes to it and the TDP leaders cannot deny it. Even if they deny putting the total blame only on the BJP, people are not ready to buy those . The injustice to the State is done together by the BJP and TDP. That would be countered well by the people and the peoples’ organisations.

But, what the TDP has to do now is to counter the corruption charges on Polavaram, Pattiseema and Amaravati. The corruption charges against the Chief Minister and his Cabinet, with focus on Nara Lokesh. They are to be countered and people should be convinced of their claims. People should believe that Lokesh is innocent and Pawan Kalyan is a conspirator. Only then the TDP would be able to wash off its face from the dirt.

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