Congress joins the race on No Confidence Motion

The Congress leadership had now joined the race on the no confidence motion against the Union government. It has been only the YSR Congress and the TDP that have been in the race for the past six days serving notices to the Lok Sabha to move no confidence motion against the Modi government. Now, the Congress served the notice which would come up before the Speaker on March 27, when the House meets after a brief break.

Congress floor leader Mallikharjuna Kharge had served the notice to the Lok Sabha secretary general. The YSR Congress and the TDP have also served the notices for the seventh consecutive day. The three notices are scheduled to come up before the Lok Sabha Speaker on March 27. The speaker had been rejecting the notices for the past six days on the ground that the House is not in order and she cannot count the members to take up the no confidence motion.

The AIADMK members from Tamil Nadu have been holding protests in the Well of the House seeking redressal of Cauvery water dispute. The TRS members from Telangana were also holding similar protests asking the Centre to give freedom to the States on the reservation policy. The two parties are in the Well of the House and are not ready to allow the speaker to take up the business of the House.

The AIADMK had already made it clear that it would not back the No Confidence Motion on the ground that it doesnot support the TDP and its politics. The TRS too had made it clear that it would not withdraw the fight for its State to benefit the neighbouring State. The two parties are determined to continue their agitation and the speaker may not change her stand to take up the no confidence notices if the House continued to be in disorder.

The BJP which is confident of defeating the no confidence motion with the numbers it has in the Lok Sabha, is not willing to take it up because that would give scope for the Opposition parties to target the government in the House during the debate. Though sure of defeating the motion, the Modi’s dispensation is not ready to face the Opposition attack in the House that would go to the people through the media. The Congress would take advantage of the situation and expose the BJP, for which the government is not ready at this point of time. It is for this reason, the speaker is adjourning the House without taking up the notices, though she allows the government bills, including the finance bill, to be passed in the House in the midst of the disorder and protests.

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