‘Rangasthalam’ fever grips Tollywood

‘Rangasthalam’ fever has gripped Tollywood. It’s because after ‘Tholi Prema’ no other good movie has hit the screens. The cinema goers were waiting for something exciting to get over the boredom caused by the closure of theatres and also the flop films. After a long gap a movie filmed in rural setting and made with a huge budget sparked a new enthusiasm among the film buffs.  The promotion for ‘Rangasthalam’, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, has reached the peak.  The fans have already gone crazy with the film audio and pre-release events. Now ‘Rangasthalam’ unit and song making videos have taken this excitement to a new height.

Ram Charan and Samantha are playing the characters called Chitti Babu and Ramalakshmi. Last night the teaser of song ‘Entha Sakkagunave’ featuring them was released. Sporting a lungi Chitti Babu is seen dancing around the trees while Samantha is the talk of the town for her stunningly beautiful portrayal of a village girl. She is seen working in fields, having lunch sitting in the corn field, giving bath to buffaloes in a pond, drinking water from copper vessel and doing other chores. Fans are going gaga over every action of the gorgeous Ramalakshmi in this song. If the beautiful countryside and the actions of Charan and Samantha have brought the song alive, the music by Devi Sri Prasad has made it melodious.

There was a time when most of the movies were shot in beautiful locales in villages. ‘Rangasthalam’ is expected to bring that magic back on the screens as its story is completely set in the countryside. The cine goers can expect a treat to their eyes with selfless love, jealousy and all other ingredients of the story unfolding in a village. How much of this natural beauty was captured by director Sukumar is the question in many minds. To know the answer, wait for another week.

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