AP puts Amaravati cost at Rs 11,600 crore

The State government had planned the new capital at Rs 11,600 crore and a detailed project report (DPR) was sent to the Central government for funding. Minister for Municipal Administration, P Narayana, informed the Assembly that the DPR for the administrative city of the capital was sent to the government and was waiting for funds. The amount is only for the Assembly, Secretariat, High Court, the offices and residences of the Ministers, MLAs, and employees, besides the basic infrastructure like roads, drains and electricity.

The designs for the capital are ready. The designs for the Secretariat Buildings and the employees, officers’ quarters and MLAs quarters are ready. The work on these would start in April and the buildings would be ready for occupation in December 2018, as the Minister said. The Secretariat would have five towers, four built in 40 floors and one in 46 floors. The 46-floor tower would provide the office accommodation of the Chief Minister and the general administration.

The five towers would provide office space for the Heads of Departments (HoDs) which are now located in private buildings in Vijayawada and Guntur.

The designs of the Assembly are getting ready and would be handed over to the State government in April by the Norman Fosters of UK. The start-up city would also be ready simultaneously.

The administrative city would have 32 six lane roads – 16 from south to north and 16 from east to west. The capital would have nine cities of Administrative City, Sports City, Justice City, Media City, Health City and so on. Each city would have 7 townships that include business and convention centers.

The ambitious plan awaits the Central funds. The Union government which had provided Rs 1500 crore so far had not released any funds further, while the government wants Rs 11,600 crore. The Centre had not provided funds more than Rs 5,000 crore to any capital in the country so far. Ahmadabad, Raipur and other new capitals were given around Rs 5,000 and it is to be seen if the Centre would give Rs 11,600 crore for AP as estimated.

With the TDP and BJP breaking alliance and on fighting mode, it is to be seen if the Central government would give that much amount for the capital or would leave the State to have its own resources to build the ambitious world class capital.

Subhash Vuyyuru
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