Has Pawan, Trivikram relations soured?

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Trivikram had gone into oblivion after ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ and he is yet to be seen. From allegations that the movie was copy paste to the film proving an utter flop, there were many controversies. Has all this led to Trivikram becoming unpopular among the audience? While we can’t say anything for sure but ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ badly damaged Trivikram’s image. Till this movie, he used to work without caring for producers or others but ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ dealt him a huge blow.

Trivikram has many friends in the film industry but there is no great friend like Pawan Kalyan. After developing friendship, they had not done films together but they were seen together at weddings and audio functions of actors like Nithiin. Trivikram always praises Pawan Kalyan while for Pawan Kalyan there is nothing except Trivikram. They had such a strong friendship. After ‘Agnyaathavaasi’, Pawan became busy with politics. On the other hand Trivikram was secretly preparing script for a movie with NTR. Trivikram is in fact not at all active.

Has the relations between Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram soured after ‘Agnyaathavaasi’? Though there is no clarity on this but people believe so. This is because on Sunday night, the pre-release of ‘Chal Mohana Ranga’ starring Nithiin was held on a grand scale at the hands of Pawan Kalyan, who has produced the movie in association Trivikram. The director, who was seen with Pawan everywhere, gave this event a miss. Trivikram has also written the script of ‘Chal Mohana Ranga’. Since Trivikram stayed away from the event to avoid being seen with Pawan, this has led to speculations that there is something wrong between them. What is happening between the duo is known only to them.

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