Naidu to lead all-party delegation to Delhi

Four years in power, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, had called for the all-party meeting for the first time on Tuesday. The meeting is called now to discuss the present political situation in the light of the Central government denying the special category status to the State and not being generous in lending a helping hand to the state after bifurcation.

The Congress and the two Left parties have decided to send their representatives for the meeting, while the Opposition YSR Congress decided to boycott it. The Congress would question the Chief Minister for not convening the all-party meeting not even once in the last four years and calling it now only to escape the Centre’s wrath. “We will attend the meeting and question Naidu. We want to use it to expose him,” the Congress said.

The YSR Congress termed the initiative as yet another attempt by Naidu to cover up his double games. The party chief Jagan Mohan Reddy, who was informed by the party sources about the government’s invitation held consultations with the party senior leaders before deciding to boycott the meeting. “Naidu is known for his double talk and double standards. We have been asking him to lead an all-party meeting to Delhi for the special category status. Never in the past four years he obliged  and now only to get support against the Central government which is set to go tough against him,” the party said in an open letter.

The Jana Sena, which declared that it had no faith in the leadership of Chandababu Naidu in getting things done for the State, too is uncertain on attending the meeting, though the CPI and the CPM are attending.

Naidu plans to take the all-party delegation to Delhi sometime in April. What the delegation would do and whom it will meet there are yet to be decided. It is for sure that the BJP had decided against the no category status for the State and the BJP leadership is going hard against Chandrababu Naidu. At this stage, holding an all-party meeting only helps Chandrababu Naidu to cover-up his failures rather than getting any help for the State.

Holding an all-party meeting here or taking an all-party delegation to the national capital at this point of time is of no use except to use it for political gains. It is too late.

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