Internal fight may hit TDP hard

Former minister and Rajahmundry Rural MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary is one of the leaders who have made their presence felt in the state politics. He has stepped up his efforts to shift from rural constituency to the urban constituency. His efforts have led to a tussle in the party.
MLC Adireddy Apparao wants Urban seat for his son, who is married to daughter of late K. Yerran Naidu. According to TDP sources, Apparao who was elected as MLC as YSR Congress candidate had joined TDP on the condition that Rajahmundry Urban seat will be given to his son. Apparao’s followers claim that Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh have given positive indications in this regard. This has angered Gorantla. He has been criticising Adireddy and his son. He is saying that their games will not succeed. He has even said that he will not allow ‘Aya Rams and Gaya Rams’.

Adireddy Apparao has recently made the sensational comment that if anybody disturbs him he will not tolerate. He says that if he or his family is destined to get ticket they will get it. He also said that whether he gets ticket or not he will work as per the directions of Chandrababu. He said he is not understanding if Urban post is given to him or GUDA Chairman Ganni Krishna, why should any other person should be in a huff. In the last council session he took exception to Gorantla’s behaviour towards him. He made it clear that his family will remain with TDP.

In the coming elections Rajahmundry Urban assembly seat will be a tough challenge for TDP chief. No matter who get the seat Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary or Adireddy Apparao, the retaliatory action by the second group will damage the party. Gorantla and Adireddy have good grip over the constituency. Party cadre is worried that if any of the two groups resort to retaliatory action the TDP’s interests will suffer. Already the followers of the two groups are coming to blows at their meetings. With elections nearing both the leaders are going to people to seek their support as per their respective action plans. The two groups are nearly clashing during party programmes.

In the politically tense atmosphere created in Rajahmundry Urban by the tussle between the two groups, constitution of city committee had become a tough task for the party leadership. At last Gorantla succeeded in making his follower deputy mayor Vasireddy Rambabu as the urban district president. This has also infuriated Adireddy. The tangle reached Deputy CM Chinnarajappa. For every small issue, the two groups are engaged in one upmanship. In such a situation what will be the party’s position in coming days is something being keenly watched.

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