This was a big gift to Ram Charan

Ram Charan’s birthday was celebrated on a grand scale on Tuesday by the mega family on one side and the mega fans on the other. The surprise given by Ram Charan’s wife to him was not an ordinary one. Ram Charan celebrated his birthday in a grand fashion along with ‘Rangasthalam’ movie promotion. On Ram Charan’s birthday, one photo dominated all the celebrations. That was Pawan Kalyan’s visit to Chiru’s house on Ram Charan’s birthday. This photo went viral on the social media and this was the talk of the town.

These days Pawan Kalyan is maintaining cordial relations with Mega family. Earlier, he was remaining aloof. Currently busy in politics as Jana Sena president, Pawan is showering love on Chiru. The general impression is that they may have good relations privately but when they come out they go in their respective directions. That is why media has been airing all speculative stories about them and even suggesting that the Maga family has internal differences.

Pawan has shown his love for his elder brother by naming his son as Shankar as Shiva Shankar Varaprasad is the real name of Chiranjeevi. He along with his sister-in-law Surekha mingled well with all in the marriage of Narendra Chowdary’s daughter.

On the birthday of his brother’s son Ram Charan, Pawan gave another surprise by visiting Chiru’s house. He gave the gift and wished him. He then posed for a memorable photograph with his brother, sister-in-law Surekha and nephew Ram Charan. Seeing this picture Mega fans were overwhelmed with joy.

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